Tooling Information for Series API

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Craig Brunton
·Feb 25, 2022·

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The following post is just to show what I am aiming to do with this API macro and some of the main parts that I want to model, assemble and produce drawings for.

The transfer press tooling for most standard type stages which are names:

  • Cup
  • Draw(s)
  • Size
  • Clip
  • Dummy
  • Stamp
  • SED
  • Pierce

The above tend to be setup as the following: Parts:

  • Die body
  • Die insert/pilot
  • Punch Body
  • Punch Insert (on certain stages)
  • Punch stripper/sleeve/pressure sleeve
  • Punch Chuck


  • Die body and insert
  • Punch body and chuck (may have an insert/pilot)
  • Full stage assembly


  • Die body and insert (assembly)
  • Punch body and chuck (assembly)
  • Punch sleeve/stripper
  • Punch insert/pilot if it has one

Part Features: Most of the part features are similar on the each of the parts with some slight variation so most of the tooling parts are made up from:

  • Protrusions from sketches - mainly circle sketch
  • Extruded cuts from sketches - mainly from circle sketch
  • Rads
  • Chamfers
  • Holes
  • Revolved extrusions

Writing this post I have already done a bit of work on the marco and based on the above has firstly focused on the die body as this has most of the features mentioned above.

Initially I was creating the sketches and cut-outs by typing al the code needed each time but this very quickly became obvious this would mean repeating a lot of the same code over and over.

so based on that I took out the code for creating a protrusion for example and put this method into a class which is called and the required information passed to it. This has made the process a lot quicker and easier to produce the die body model.

The next post in this series will be focusing on how I have been laying out (this may change as I go further into the macro) to create the die body and the creation of the methods for creating each of the feature etc.

It will show how I have gone about creating things such as:

  • Potrusions
  • Extruded cuts
  • Chamfers
  • Rads
  • Holes
  • Patterns
  • Renaming faces
  • Renaming edges
  • Selecting edges
  • Selecting faces
  • Renaming features
  • Saving the file
  • Creating different size variants on the die body and how they are stored and called etc.

Below is a video of the die body being created after running the code I have at the moment. It is not finished so will be a week or so to finish where I can finish the post about its creation.

It is a simple model but is complex enough to have most of the features needed to create the other parts for the all the various stages.


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