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Published on Oct 14, 2021

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Welcome and I am using this series and blog to record myself attempting to produce a SaaS type system using blazor, c# etc.

In this series I aim to detail:

  • What I am doing.

  • The planning and design of the site.

  • Record all the issues I have and how (hopefully) they were fixed.

  • My thoughts and comments on how it is going (even the oens where I want to quit which I am guessing will be a few).

The choice for this SaaS is a IT logging system which will have:

  • Issue log system.

  • Ordering logging of IT equipment.

  • Details of IT equipment along the lines of an inventory.

The reason for this is that in my current role as a project manager part of my job is the internal IT system and most of the information above is recorded in various excel files which is not ideal to the say the least.

So I figured as I want to teach myself more in depth coding and programming skills that I would do this mainly for myself to use and if others want also use it they can as part of the learning will be to introduce a payment system.

I think that covers everything at the moment so my next post will be detailing my thoughts on the site.

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