Solidworks API - Details

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Solidworks API - Details

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Craig Brunton
·Feb 20, 2022·

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Table of contents

  • Details of what I am aiming to build

Details of what I am aiming to build

So for this series I am going to detail as best I can the process and code for producing transfer press deep draw tooling.

This will include

Part Models: How I go about creating the part models and features such as creating potrusions, cutouts, holes, patterns, chamfers etc.

Assembly Models: This will show how I go about creating assembly files using the part files and will include mating of parts, configurations etc.

2D Drawings: This will show the code and how I have gone about creating the 2D drawings for the part models and assembiles. This will include dimensions, tolerances, callouts, views, detail vies, BOM's etc.

As well as the code for the above I will show how i setup the project for re usign components and trying to simplfy the feature creations so that selecting face, edges etc. will be easier and quicker to create.

Some of the data will have to be hidden as it will be work sensative but the core code I will show and how any standard sizes are used in the program and how I store them etc.

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