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Blazor IT SaaS - Inital Thoughts - Plan

Blazor IT SaaS - Inital Thoughts - Plan

Planning, thoughts and ideas

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Published on Oct 17, 2021

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So following on from the original article I have done some thinking and am ready to lay them out in text to try to define and refine my thinking.

Based on what I know and have looked into inital thoughts of some form of structure would be:

  • Database needed to store well the data. This I am thinking SQL server or MySql server.

  • Web API to talk to the database then this will allow the controller to pull the data from. This will be written using C#.

  • I am thinking of then doing a MVVM to sit in between the API and front end but not 100% decided on this.

  • The front end will be Blazor WebAssembly.

To start my intention is to implement on basic functionality to keep it simplier so I can finish and make it live.

Based on this the aim is to have just the logging issues functionality to start with as this is going to be the main funcionality of the software.

Inside this though there is a number of things I want to review to see if I will implement on the first release are:

  • Allowing a users customers to email a specfic email address and auto raise a log.

  • Allow the software to email their customers when an update is added to the issue log.

Things To Review

So there are a few things I need to investigate:

  • Payments

  • Sending and receeving emails

  • Where to host the API

  • Where to host the database

  • Where to host the front end blazor

Next Steps

So I am going to do the next couple of steps:

  • Create some user stories for the main functions

  • Create some basic UI/UX design

  • Investiagte initally the above things to review

For now this is the end to my rambling.

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